T-Mobile Prepaid Card Shutting Down

The T-Mobile Prepaid Visa website announces that the card is ending completely.

Important information regarding your T-Mobile Account: The T-Mobile Prepaid Visa® Card (“T-Mobile Card”) will be discontinued effective July 27th, 2016. After June 27th, 2016 you will no longer be able to reload your T-Mobile Card or access the T-Mobile “Mobile Money” app. Please be sure to remove any recurring debits or direct deposits being sent to your card no later than June 27th and spend down any available balance remaining by July 27th. You will be sent more information regarding your account at a later date. Thank you very much for using your T-Mobile Card. We regret any inconvenience you may experience. For any questions, please contact the number printed on the back of your T-Mobile Card.
That stings for anyone with a stable source of Reloadits. It also coincides closely with the end of the Google Wallet card. Bancorp seems to be shoring up its services.