New Rate at iConsumer – 1.2%

Update: TCB now at 1.25%. Yazing still 1.5%.

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It seems that the predictions of a negative changes for portal rates have come true, albeit not quite as catastrophically as a lot of people had expected. iConsumer is the first to show a new, lower rate of 1.2% (down from 1.5%). At the time of this writing, TopCashback and Yazing both still show a rate of 1.5%, but I expect that to change as the new month comes over for different time zones.

All in all, it’s not too bad, and it’s still a pretty good option for online MS.

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  1. Jon comes on, introduces himself, says he will report from his trip, we never see him again. Just kill the site. None of you have the heart to do this

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