New 5% Back Gift Card?

I’ll make an in-depth post about why I’ve been absent for so long in a little bit. It’s somewhat interesting. Edit: The reason I was gone for so long.



I saw the above card at a local grocer today and thought it was interesting. The fee is a hefty $6.95 for a maximum load of $200, but it could be interesting with it’s “up to 5% back at participating stores”.

The packaging says to visit their site for information on the cashback rates and participating merchants, but I could only find participating merchants without their rates. One interesting store is Kmart, which does do bill pays.

A contact found this site which indicates that “PIN-based purchases, purchases made at participating merchant locations outside of the U.S., and purchases of gift cards made with this card, may not be eligible for 5% bonus calculations.”

This is definitely worth watching for further developments.

Update: I called customer service to find cashback rates and was told to check the website. When I told the agent that the website literally lists nothing, the agent said that they had no further information.

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