FuelPerks! Is Dead – Long Live Plenti?

Quick post because it’s somewhat speculative (although I have the information from a good source).

People in the Southeast may be familiar with the Fuelperks! program offered through Winn-Dixie and BI-LO stores. It’s basically a subsidiary of the Shell Fuel Rewards program and allows people to earn fuel rewards on everyday grocery purchases. What set it apart from other programs was the fact that it had basically no cap. Whereas other programs limited you to, say, $1 off per gallon at most, the Fuelperks! program allowed people to redeem rewards until there was basically no cost left (taxes still applied). For example, I often had a gas bill of $0.38 for 20 gallons (the maximum per fill up) of premium fuel because in my state, Florida, unredeemable taxes amount to $0.019 per gallon.

Well, unfortunately, that program is definitely coming to an end. Shell issued an announcement that it’s being discontinued, and 30 April will be the last day to redeem rewards. In its place? I spoke with a manager at my local Winn-Dixie, and he told me that they were going to be rolling out the Plenti program. He couldn’t give me a timeline on when it would happen, but he indicated that it seemed to be soon, perhaps even immediately after the Fuelperks! program formally discontinues.

I’m not really much of a fan of Plenti because American Express can, to put it nicely, fly a kite for all I care, but it’s interesting to hear about this development. I honestly thought that Plenti was kind of dead on arrival due to their lackluster opening and then their subsequent limitations on their AT&T partnership, but it’s interesting to hear that they might be expanding.

Note that the Plenti expansion is at least still slightly unconfirmed. For all I know, Plenti is just in negotiations to expand into the vacuum left by Fuelperks!, and those negotiations might fall through. From the sounds of things, though, that’s the direction things are headed.