Always Downgrade Before Cancelling the Arrival+

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The Arrival+ is a popular card because of it’s large signup bonus, [backup] PIN capabilities, and effective ~2.105% earning rate. However, its $89 annual fee and Barclay’s tendency to not give waivers means it’s unlikely to hold a place in a wallet for more than a year.

Instead of immediately cancelling, consider first downgrading to the no annual fee Arrival. The standard conversion process gives a bonus of 1000 miles after your first purchase with the card. Choosing to cancel immediately leaves ~$10.53 on the table.

Combine that with the fact that the Arrival still has the lower redemption threshold of $25, and it’s much easier to get rid of any remaining points balance you may have had on the card.

The only reason I can see for cancelling without first downgrading is if someone needed to free up their credit limit with Barclay so they could get a different card. However, that only makes sense as an immediate need for something like a limited time offer since you can still cancel the regular Arrival after getting the bonus.

Other than that, there’s little downside to first downgrading before cancelling.

2 thoughts on “Always Downgrade Before Cancelling the Arrival+

  1. I prefer downgrading to the “Barclaycard Rewards Mastercard”. 2x@GG and no futzing around with fake travel bookings.

    • That’s fair if you don’t already have a better grocery card. However, the main issue I wanted to bring up was if you still had a balance of Arrival miles/points that you haven’t gotten rid of yet. Downgrading to the regular Arrival allows you to use those up.

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