About the Authors

Although  relatively new to the credit card game, Jon has been dealing with deals and bagging bank bonuses for years, and that’s where his expertise really shines through. In addition, he has experience finding what really matters in both general retail and travel. His approachable attitude and perspective is a welcome addition to the blog for both experienced and new points and miles collectors.


Ranging from surveys to credit cards and almost everything in between, Arneal has been involved with a wide range of points programs and figuring out the best way to play the games. He has a strong background in research and uses those skills to link wide-ranging ideas together into a points-generating network.


Both Jon and Arneal are law school students with an overwhelming interest in getting the most reward for the least cost. On one hand, Arneal specializes in accumulating points while Jon can offer advice on how best to use them. The hope is that their work will help any readers of this blog.